Remote Access & Support

Having remote/off-site access to your system, and keeping it secure are both essential in today’s connected world. ARC can keep you connected to your equipment, help you monitor it, and we can support you remotely.

Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality in manufacturing allows factory workers to get jobs done faster, more accurately and safer by connecting them to the people, information, and equipment they need via smart glasses – all without taking their hands and eyes off the job at hand. 

  • Access guided task instructions
  • Initiate calls and live stream with remote experts
  • Monitor live data on the plant floor
  • Get real-time alerts and task notifications
  • View and capture photos and videos

Remote Support

Not only is Remote Support essential and economical, it is especially vital during these uncertain times. ARC can provide technical and system support remotely to our customers in order to keep your business up and running while remaining distant. Call us to schedule a consultation!

Remote Monitoring

In addition to Remote Support, ARC also offers Remote Monitoring. Our talented team of engineers can develop a customized application that alerts different members of your team about issues or milestones when they need to know. Give your team members access to data any time anywhere on their cell phones, tablets or computers.


Hackers can target any business, malware and ransomware are especially dangerous and costly. Let us help you make sure your business and systems are secure.

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